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These PDF brochures describe aspects of PATC and our trails activities.

Does the Trail Beckon?

This is the PDF version of a former PATC brochure; the information within is valid.

04-15-2016 Download ( pdf, 1016.12 KB )
What's a Trail Crew?

This brochure tells you about the tradition and work of the PATC volunteer trail crews. We hope you will choose our crew, the Acme Treadway Company, of course!

04-15-2016 Download ( pdf, 4.13 MB )
Hiking the Tuscarora

This brochure broadly describes the 250-mile Tuscarora Trail that PATC and the Keystone Trails Association in Pennsylvania built and maintain for the public.

04-15-2016 Download ( pdf, 569.27 KB )