About Our Projects


The Acme Treadway Company is a "roving" PATC crew. That means that we can, and do, conduct projects where we are needed where PATC maintains trails, from Virginia to southern Pennsylvania.

Our Mission

The mountains aren’t there to be viewed from afar. They call to us to come and experience them first-hand. We answer their invitation.


What We Do

We build trails to last. We build them to protect the environment as well as to provide a means of personal discovery, recreation, and contemplation.


Projects Scrapbook

These galleries show the work done by the Crew on various trails in various regions.

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Crew Projects

Check out these articles about some of our more major projects over the past 14 years!

The CCC relocated the A.T. here to remove it from the new Skyline Drive. In many cases, the crews built stone cribbing and brought in mineral soil to top off their cribbing.
Twenty–two people met at at the Jarman Gap in Shenandoah National Park to undertake an Improbable Task.
Have you ever wondered what it must’ve been like back in the 1930s, when the Appalachian Trail was created?
Sugarloaf Mountain, jutting above western Montgomery County, Maryland, offers several hiking trails, including the Northern Peaks Trail.
The lyrics of "Simple Gifts" apply to the work done by so many people to relocate the Appalachian Trail on Little Calf Mountain.