Personal Safety


Your safety is your responsibility! The crew leader is responsible for the health and safety of the crew on-site during a project. But the crew leader only knows what you tell her or him. If you are not wearing hiking or work boots or if you do not wear the personal protective equipment provided, the crew leader cannot allow you to work. It is just that simple.

These articles deal with major aspects of personal safety on-site. Pay heed to them.

Job #1

We emphasize the safe, informed use of tools and awareness of safe working conditions.


Personal Gear

You should always wear clothing appropriate for the weather and season.


VIP Co-Insurance

The Volunteers in Park and the Volunteers in National Forests provide injury or illness compensation for volunteers working in the National Parks and Forests.


Lyme Disease

Trail workers should take precautions against Lyme disease.


Poison Ivy

There are three native American plants that collectively may be called poison ivy