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E-mail Notifications

If you agree to receive e-mail notifications of crew events when you register, your e-mail address will be added to the list of those who receive these notices. We use MailChimp® to send HTML e-mail; MailChimp® is a well-known service provider of marketing e-mail; notices of crew events is a form of marketing even though we’re not selling anything for any price.

MailChimp® employs stringent anti-spam policies: if you opt-out of this service by clicking the Opt Out feature on an e-mail we send, we cannot add your e-mail address (the one with which you received such e-mail) back into our mailing list. If we try to do that, iContact® will automatically cancel our subscription and delete our account.

If you choose to receive e-mail notifications from us about crew events, we will not send you spam—unauthorized commercial e-mail.

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You may choose to provide personal information in e-mail with a comment or question. This information is used only to respond to your request.

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