Trail Stewardship

Trail Maintenance

We take the maintenance of public hiking trails seriously.

Each year, hundreds of PATC members volunteer thousands of hours of their time to maintain sections of hiking trails varying in length from 0.2 to 2.0 miles.

Each year, the Club offers training to trail maintainers (whom we call “overseers”).

This training consists of:

  • Traditional Tools workshops
  • Trail maintenance workshops
  • NPS– and ATC–sponsored Chainsawyer Certification courses
  • Cross-cut saw usage
  • First Aid, CPR, & Wilderness First Aid

You can check for scheduled training events on the PATC Calendar.

Considering the miles of trails we maintain (over 1,000!), we’re always looking for volunteers who wish to become trail overseers. If you’re interested—and we hope you are—you should look into this by reading the material on Trail Overseers on our Club Website.