Trails Program

Trail District Crew

The responsibility for over 1,000 miles of public hiking trails forces the creation and maintenance of an organization to accomplish the mission of maintaining those trails.

One elected officer—the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.—is responsible to the Club membership (nearly 6,500 souls) and to over 40 federal, state, and local government agencies for the successful maintenance of all of those miles of trails. That means a lot of meetings and phone calls and meetings and phone calls and, on occasion, e-mail. All of this, and done by a volunteer! Well, successive Supervisors have organized the trails volunteers into districts.

Additionally, the Supervisor of Trails encourages the establishment of, and supports, volunteer trail crews who accomplish work beyond the ability of overseers; most crews work within specific districts. Three crews are set up to work on projects in any trails district established by the Supervisor of Trails.

Trail Crews

The list of current PATC trail crews include the:

  • Acme Treadway Company
  • Blue and White Crew
  • Cadillac Crew
  • Flying McLeods
  • Hoodlums
  • Manassas BullRunners
  • Roaring Tuskers
  • Rock Creek Filibusters
  • South Mountaineers
  • Spooky Beavers
  • Stonewall Brigade
  • Yankee Clippers

Trails Organization

The trails districts currently include:

  • Southern Pennsylvania
  • Maryland
  • Potomac-Ashby Gap
  • Ashby Gap-SNP
  • Shenandoah National Park North AT
  • Shenandoah National Park North Blue-Blazed
  • Shenandoah National Park Central AT
  • Shenandoah National Park Central Blue-Blazed (North)
  • Shenandoah National Park Central Blue-Blazed (South)
  • Shenandoah National Park South AT
  • Shenandoah National Park South Blue-Blazed
  • Tuscarora South
  • Tuscarora Central
  • Massanutten North
  • Massanutten South
  • Great North Mountain
  • Suburban VA
  • Suburban MD
  • Washington DC
  • Bull Run-Occoquan
  • Wilderness – Spotsylvania National Military Park
  • Prince William Forest National Park
  • Mutton Hollow

That’s quite an organization to maintain! It includes a district manager in each of the districts and, in total, several hundred volunteer overseers as well as those who work with the various district and Club-level trail crews and PATC chapters: